JPL Phototech VP485 100ml CISS

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JPL Phototech 
VP485 Continuous Ink Supply System

Save up to 80% if your Ink Costs with the New VP485
Continuous Ink Supply System

  • Quick DIY Installation
  • Prefilled with JPL PhotoTech Quality Ink
  • 100ml Ink Capacity (each colour)
  • High Quality ABS Plastic Reservoir
  • UV Resistant tubing

We have developed a CISS for the VP485 Label Printer, the system is equivilant to over 4 sets of the original Inkjet Cartridges.

Cost comparison (6000 prints):
CISS Cost:                                      $445.00AU
Equivalent cost in Cartridges:           $1440.00AU

On going costs to (6000 prints)
CISS Refill Cost:                             $72.00AU
Equivalent cost in Colour Carts:       $1607.00AU

System Requirments:
PC ONLY, Win2000, XP, Vista & Win7, the CISS currently does not support MAC

Note: Costs based on an a RRP price of $360.00AU per set of OEM Cartridges
Please Note this product in not manufactured by VIP Colour, All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are used for reference only

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions


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  • Ian Williams

    Ian Williams March 31, 2011

    The new CISS for the VP485 works very well – and is quite simple to install and maintain. As I use the printer in a small label-making business, the CISS makes the production of labels viable and economical for clients. Print quality is good. Service support from JPL Displays is also excellent.