JPL Phototech Microboards PF-Pro CISS without CHIPS

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JPL Phototech
Microboards PF-Pro  Continuous Ink Supply System

Save up to 80% if your Ink Costs with the New Microboards
Continuous Ink Supply System

  • Quick DIY Installation
  • Prefilled with JPL PhotoTech Quality Ink
  • 100ml Ink Capacity (each colour)
  • High Quality ABS Plastic Reservoir
  • UV Resistant tubing

JPL is an Australian company specializing in Blank Media and duplicating equipment.

We have developed a CISS for the Microboards PF-Pro automated printers, the system will produce aproximately 6000 full colour prints from initial system purchase.

The system supports the following models:
Microboards PF-Pro
Microboards PF-1000
Microboards MX-1*
Microboards MX-2*

Cost comparison (6000 prints):
CISS Cost:                                      $345.00AU
Equivalent cost in Cartridges:           $960.00AU

On going costs to (6000 prints)
CISS Refill Cost:                             $72.00AU
Equivalent cost in Colour Carts:       $960.00AU

System Requirments:
PC ONLY, Win2000, XP, Vista & Win7, the CISS currently does not support MAC
Works for Autoprinters Only
Our systems will work in the Disc Publisher Machines also however at this time they are only support Print Only Mode
*Please Note: Both the Microboards MX-1 & MX-2 machines are supported but in Print Only mode, the software that accompanies our CIS Systems do not support Microboards Printwrite software, when printing with any of these models (including the PF-Pro/PF-1000) you must print drectcly from Surething Labeling software

Note: Costs based on an average of 2000 full colour prints per set of original cartridges at a RRP price of $320.00AU per set
Please Note this product in not manufactured by Microboards, All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are used for reference only

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions


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  • Rob Smith

    Rob Smith October 3, 2010

    The Microboards PF-PRO CISS from JPL is great !! Installation is a snap compared to other CISS systems. Everything fits nicely “under the hood” so to speak and it all has a very neat appearance. Ink quality is as good as if not better than the original cartridges. This product is very highly recommended.

  • Hadi AlArab

    Hadi AlArab December 11, 2010

    The microboard Pf-pro is a great cd printer and what really makes it great is the CISS coming from JPL displays especially the software solving the ink low messages.

    Quality is really great and as good as the original.

    High quality product.

    This product is very highly recommended.

  • Michael Musa

    Michael Musa September 4, 2011

    i bought CISS and i have not recieve the activation codes and is give me problem. please what can i do?

  • andrew peter

    andrew peter November 20, 2012


  • andrew peter

    andrew peter November 20, 2012

    i want to know how to activate my new ink

  • Geraldo Antonio Gomez

    Geraldo Antonio Gomez August 21, 2013

    I have not used yet but I see it is simple to put in the printer and it works well entoces maximum.

    I want to buy a system for Microboards PF-Pro printer only ink and 10 games I would like to know as much? thanks