JPL Phototech CISS For Epson Discproducer PP-100 PP-100AP PP-100II PP-100III

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JPL Phototech Continuous Ink Supply System For The Epson Discproducer PP-100

Save up to 80% of your Ink Costs with the New Continuous Ink Supply System for the Epson Discproducer

  • Prefilled with JPL PhotoTech Quality Ink
  • 120ml Ink Capacity (each colour)
  • High Quality ABS Plastic Reservoir
  • UV Resistant tubing

JPL is an Australian company specializing in Bulk Inking Systems for CD/DVD Printers.

We have developed a CISS for the Epson Discproducer PP-100 Disc Publishers, the system will produce aproximately 12000 full colour prints from initial system purchase.

The system supports the following models:
Epson Discproducer PP-50
Epson Discproducer PP-100

Epson Discproducer PP-100N
Epson Discproducer PP-100AP
Epson Discproducer PP-100II

Epson Discproducer PP-100III

Cost comparison (12000 prints):
CISS Cost:                                                            $595.00AU
Equivalent cost in Cartridges (4 sets):          $1608.00AU

On going costs to (12000 prints)
CISS Refill Cost:                                                  $108.00AU
Equivalent cost in Colour Carts:                     $1608.00AU

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  • Isaac Reteli

    Isaac Reteli February 12, 2011

    We purchased one of Epson Discproducer machines to work along side our ailing IMT Robots, the IMT machines have been good to us but now starting to be very costly and temperamental and for a long time there has been nothing to replace it that we can put a Bulk Ink System on so we thought we would give it a try..

    To my review; the system was a little involved to install and after a couple of questions back and forth we got through it fine, it has been running now for about a month and it has been fantastic, produced around 7000 prints so far and we are now discussing the possibility of stopping the IMT machines altogether

    Overall rating 10/10, print quality is as good as the OEM cartridges even on Glossy waterproof media…

  • Josh Harry

    Josh Harry October 18, 2011

    We purchased this continuous ink system for my PP-100 because the regular ink costs are ridiculous for this machine. The Epson is the best disc publisher our company has ever used, so we needed to find a way to keep using the PP-100 but reduce the operating cost. Luckily, we found this JPL CISS and decided to give it a try. We received the CISS quickly for an international order (we’re in the USA). Packaging was decent but simple. Two little orange caps were missing from the new cartridges, and we did not receive the same decoder board with stickie piece that is shown in the manual, but everything essential was there.

    Installation wasn’t too bad, but the instructions could definitely use a little more detail. You have to open the machine and change some cabling around, but it’s nothing major and even a beginner should be able to get through the process. Making sure the cables fit under the ink door and the door closes all the way is a pain, but it can be done. We had erros and started thinking that we did the install wrong or something was broken when in fact, the door just was not shut all the way! After the install, it says that you need to run a cleaning process twice to get the new inking system working. This is where we experienced the most trouble. The unit would start the cleaning process for a few seconds, and then give an error that the ink cartridges were bad. I started to worry and I reset the unit multiple times and experienced the same issue. After a few cycles, the ink started flowing more evenly, and the cleaning cycles got longer and longer before the error would come up. Eventually, the ink must have ran all the way through and the unit was able to finish the cleaning cycle. Since the PP-100 ink is a vacuum system, I think the errors were a result of the CISS needing to be cycled completely before anything works. So to anyone who is experiencing problems, just remember that it may take more than 2 cleanings to get it working, and that eventually it should recognize the cartridges without issue.

    I’m happy to report that after the initial problems of getting the unit to recognize the new cartriges, we haven’t had a single problem with the CISS! Everything is running smoothly and we have not had a single error with the new ink system. Even after powering the unit down overnight and on weekends, etc, it always turns back on and runs identical to the original cartridges.

    The only other thing of note is that two of the new ink colors are SLIGHTLY different from the OEM Epson cartridges. Blue (and I’m not sure if its the light cyan or regular) comes out a slightly different shade. It is extremely close, and if you had never seen the original shade, you would not notice at all. We have been printing the same discs for 2 years now so it is noticeable. It doesn’t really affect the discs negatively at all, the color is just a little different and I wanted to make a note of that. Also, the black cartrige is not as dark as the OEM black. Discs with a lot of blank ink come out a little more faded / washed out than the originals. Again, you probably would not notice at all if you weren’t looking for it. And if you are just doing black text, you probably will not notice at all. I really do wish the black was deeper and darker though. A deeper black would be appreciated JPL if you are reading this! Yellows, reds, greens, etc are indistinguishable from the OEM colors in my opinion.

    In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this ink system to anyone with an Epson Discproducer. The money you will save in the long run is huge. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because of the couple issues I mentioned above, but honestly, it is worth every penny. I would like to thank JPL for offering this and encourage other customers to support them so that we can all continue to benefit and save.