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The JPL Team consider customer satisfaction to be one of the most
important aspects of online shopping.

The customers that have added comments below about our products and services
now know first hand that
we work our butt’s off to get the job done right.

If you have something to say about us feel free to do so, we appreciate customer
feedback as its the only way
we can ensure we are the best in what we do.

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  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer March 23, 2004

    have bought a few things off JPL and service has always been AAA+

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer April 14, 2004

    I have been buying off JPL for a while now even before sponsoring here.
    Contact is great and always keen to help.Never had a problem with media

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer April 15, 2004

    Have had a couple of lots of discs from JPL, as stated before very quick to arrive and well packaged.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer April 21, 2004

    Done 2 orders with these guys. Awesomely quick on the emails and postage. I ordered one night and two days later I recieved the goods in the mail (processing happened at about 11:00 am I think). Very happy with their service, and will buy from them again

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 8, 2004

    Very speedy, ordered Sunday night, delivered Tuesday morning. Normally I buy blanks from the local swap meet, but will be using JPL again.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 14, 2004

    Bought some stuff I JPL tonight. No problems, will be purchasing from them again!

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 19, 2004

    great stuff fast and friendly !
    will buy from you again

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 21, 2004

    Just received my order after placing it Tuesday night. Great speedy delivery and great customer service!

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 22, 2004

    Another 50 for me , prompt and reliable. I wont bother going to the swap meets to buy media anymore , price and service is excellent.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 25, 2004

    just bought 50, was quick and good price

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer May 28, 2004

    Have purchased from them a number of times, always excellent in service and price. Will be buying all my media from them from now on

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 2, 2004

    purchased my first spindle of 50 dvd-rs from jpl, dvds arrived quickly and well packaged, keep up the good work and prices, 10/10

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 3, 2004

    Bought 100 Ritek and was very happy with speed of delivery and packaging as well as quality

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 4, 2004

    Bought 150 riteks twice. Very happy with the service. They sent the next day after money was deposited and I needed the discs so it was fantastic

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 5, 2004

    bought 150 riteks this week, very good service, will use again

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 7, 2004

    I bought 100 riteks from jpl displays a couple of weeks ago and their service was fantastic.
    The discs were sent promptly and were also very well packaged.

    Highly recommended to all. 5/5

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 9, 2004

    JPL displays deserve giant pat on back !! well done !!! I purchased about 7 x 50 dvd-rs in last 2 months off JPL’s .. very quik .. good service ..

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 15, 2004

    JPL is excellent. Recently bought 50 DVD-R’s and 25 DVD covers which were all well packaged and sent very fast!

    Will definately be purchasing from them again. Keep it up!

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 17, 2004

    Additional comment due to something that happened recently.

    I brought some riteks and a DVD-RW from jpldisplays. They stuffed up and sent me a DVD+RW which I didn’t realise till a fair few days after the order. I asked them about this and they sent me a replacement disc straight away, it arrived a couple of days later. Very good and quick on the customer service when there is a problem too.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer June 18, 2004

    Have ordered a couple of 50 spindles now – quick/ quality service both times. Definitely worth trying -especially considering their low prices.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer July 22, 2004

    have done a few orders with jpl displays, very fast with thier processing of orders and items arrive very fast, 10/10

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer August 1, 2004

    just done first deal with them,

    service was excellent

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer August 5, 2004

    Have just completed my first online purchase with JPL.
    Excellent pricing, Great service, packaged well & fast delivery. (Especially for a newbie, found them very user friendly.)

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer August 21, 2004

    Just did my first online purchase with jpldisplays…..I ordered and paid Friday and have got the DVD-R’s Today being Monday…..Thats fast service….

    Will certainly be buying more items from them in the future….Thanks JPL.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer August 24, 2004

    Just purchased a box of covers from JPL Displays web site. Found their site easy to use & easy to make a purchase. Had email confirmation so I new what was happening. I ordered Wednesday night and received my stuff Friday lunch time. Very pleased.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 1, 2004

    Great prices on media and great services

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 5, 2004

    purchased some more blank dvds and cds from jpl displays, very happy with the service and packaging of items, best customer service around, keep up the good work

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 8, 2004

    Recent order had faulty discs in it ( not there fault ) sent them email late at night, had return email first thing in morning offering
    replacements and recieved them the next day!!!

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 10, 2004

    Had a small hiccup with the seller to begin with but he rectified the problem professionally within a short time period with no problems~

    Great seller with good integrity and ethics.

    Highly recommneded seller

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 15, 2004

    Great service and hassle free. Will buy from again

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 16, 2004

    Another first class purchase from jpl displays.
    Ordered Monday and arrived to my door in Perth on Wednesday.
    Fantastic and professional service from you guys.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 16, 2004

    keep up the incredible work guys

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 18, 2004

    purchased 200 Ritek of these guys. I rx ed the dvd with 5 working days. awsome. I stuffed the payment up but the nice lady called me told me what the problem was I told her the information she needed I I got the DVD’s in about 3 days after the phone call, which was the day I ordered them AAAA plus grade trading

    I have no problem in ordering from them again.

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 18, 2004

    My first of many purchases went great…
    ordered by 2.00pm and had them in my hands by 9.30 am the following morning…

    keep up the great service….

  • JPL Customer

    JPL Customer September 18, 2004

    ordered on monday recieved on Wednesday in Perth .these guys are great.

  • Paul McCoy

    Paul McCoy October 4, 2004

    I have now made several purchases through this site. Prices are great. Delivery times are prompt. Well done JPL !

  • Ken Parker

    Ken Parker October 19, 2004

    JPLDisplays are reliable like always. Great prices, easy to order and very prompts delivery.

    Cheerz 🙂

  • Daniel Derbeceny

    Daniel Derbeceny October 21, 2004

    Ordered: 1:30pm -_ Delivered: Next day 11:30am.
    Woot! Enough said.

  • Fabian Montalto

    Fabian Montalto October 21, 2004

    Great Communication.
    Very easy to deal with.
    Prompt fast service.
    Very organised and is an assest to the community which are very friendly.
    Highly Recommended 10/10

  • Stas Madorski

    Stas Madorski January 2, 2005

    I have made numerous purchases through JPL and I must say that I am still flabbergasted at their perfect service. Fast delivery and dispatch. The cheapest prices you can find. Friendly service. I love you 🙂

  • Simon Reymers

    Simon Reymers January 7, 2005

    JPL has fantastic and fast service. Great Communicators. I’ve placed numerous orders since my first order (no. 60) and only twice have I had small things omitted from my order (like a single DVD-RW), and once i’ve let them know, they have dispatched the item to me immediatly. I’m very happy with JPL’s service and price. You can’t beat them!

  • Michael Holzberger

    Michael Holzberger January 31, 2005

    Excellent to deal with speedy service and quick to reply to any questions

  • Stephanie Worrad

    Stephanie Worrad February 10, 2005

    Excellent quality products, super fast shipping. Will definitely order again.

  • Scott Lovell

    Scott Lovell April 5, 2005

    Kept well informed of order status throughout, excellent and very speedy service.

    Only complaint is the packaging – items ordered could be more securely packaged, as my spindle arrived damaged (although all discs were fine, the spindle was broken). More padding needed around box.

    Thanks for fast and reasonably priced servie though.

  • Vincent Komene

    Vincent Komene April 6, 2005

    I was a little skeptical when I first purchased my small “test” order.
    Have no fear if you think that these DVD products are not genuine!
    Finally I have found a great source for genuine, exellent DVD+/-R media in Australia.
    Highly commended JPL! Interstate delivery times are also very acceptable.

  • Tim Harris

    Tim Harris April 25, 2005

    Excellent….the best to buy from IMO. FAST delivery, easy polite customer service. Will continue to be a loyal JPL customer 🙂

    Thanks guys 🙂

  • Margus Juhansoo

    Margus Juhansoo May 20, 2005

    they just GREAT.placed order n sunday,got e-mail on monday…one item out of stock,sorry,we send tomorrow and they did like they said.

  • Graham Cox

    Graham Cox June 4, 2005

    I ordered the DVDs on Sunday night, and they arrived Tuesday lunch time. You can’t ask for more than that. I’ll definitely be buying here again.

  • Shane Smith

    Shane Smith June 30, 2005

    As everyone else has said, the express post is a terrific option.

    HOWEVER, you should BEWARE if you are ordering DVD cases via express post. They will come to you in bubble-wrap, but order a couple extra to cover the eventuality of broken and crushed cases. They are cheaper (in price and consequently durability) than those that are available at places like PCX, and will crush easily in transit.

    My attempts to contact JPL-D in regards to my broken cases have fallen upon deaf ears – there has been no response, either from the site’s webform, or from an outside email. Besides, it would cost more than the cases are worth just to post them back for a refund (small loss, but this is going to be an honest review)

    You should definitely get cases mailed IN A BOX.

    I am otherwise happy with the service I have received.

  • Craig Avery

    Craig Avery August 16, 2005

    I ordered 50 Taiyo Yuden dvd-r’s and they were despatched the next day(I ordered during the night so it was after their cut off point). Even though I’m located in Perth I recieved my media the next day in great condition. Highly recommended

  • Mark Robinshaw-Standring

    Mark Robinshaw-Standring August 20, 2005

    My third order to date and I’m sure there will be many, many more.
    A fast, cost effective, efficient service with a product listing that meets the requirements of Mr & Mrs Everyday Computer User.
    Thanks JPL

  • Ray Stevens

    Ray Stevens September 4, 2005

    Ordered thursday night, dispatched friday, received monday, not bad considering they had to come from Vic to Qld. Goods were packaged exceptionally well as well. Great service & the price makes this a great way to buy media. My niece has now started to buy here as well….

  • Neil Hutton

    Neil Hutton September 6, 2005

    hey guys and gals

    this crowds are tops, they are so friendly, helpful and the prices unbelievable, Lydia is the one of the best in the business, not saying much for Paul, LOL. No this is the best around. Totally impressed with all staff and product range.

    I placed an order and within 4 days it reached me in tasmania, absolutely superb. It came to me undamaged and extremely well packed.

    Placing more orders soon, looking forward to many years of happy customer relations together.

  • Graham Johnson

    Graham Johnson October 16, 2005

    Have never let me down. Always, and will continue to, shop here for my media needs. Don’t know what customer support is like because I’ve never had to use it. Just the way it should be. 🙂

  • Mark Congerton

    Mark Congerton October 17, 2005

    jpl great service.
    Other companies could learn a lot from your A++++ SERVICE thanks again.

  • george gessey

    george gessey October 17, 2005

    ordered 100 t-ys late thursday night,arrived on my doorstep monday morning in perth,great service thanks very much

  • Barry Tomkinson

    Barry Tomkinson November 23, 2005

    Placed my order at 12:20pm Wednesday and it arrived at 11:20am Thursday.
    Excellent service as always JPL.

  • Laurie Lee

    Laurie Lee November 24, 2005

    Ordered taiyo uden dvd’s and dvd storage case late friday ,arrived wednesday in Gladstone QLD

  • Cain Gava

    Cain Gava December 13, 2005

    Awesom – just awesom. Next day delivery – exactly what i wanted. Even got some christmas lollies 2 :-p

    Will most definately be ordering again!



  • Allan Kingsbury

    Allan Kingsbury January 21, 2006

    The speed of JPL’s order delivery is the fastest I have seen. JPL’s “Customer Service” is also excellent in every way!