600 (Bulk Pack) Ritek DVD-R 8X Inkjet Print

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Product code RITEK INK DVD-R8X
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Product Description

Ritek has manufactured DVD-R 8X with the latest DVD manufacturing technology. The DVD-Rs are made with high-quality organic dye recording layer materials to ensure reliable recording and playback function. The disc has a recording capacity of 4.7G and features write-once digital versatile disc, massive data storage and retrieval, high capacity and data transfer rates, high storage density and long-term data archiving.

Ritek was informed formally by DVD-Forum A-grade lab. to pass the certification of DVD-R 4.7GB General use. Ritek shows its innovative technology in DVD field. Ritek DVD-R delivers stunning video resolution and audio performance for multimedia.


  • Media Type: DVD-R, DVD-Recordable Blank Media for General Use
  • Media Capacity: 4.7GB Single Side
  • Media Recording Speed: 1X-8X
  • Top Surface: Matt Inkjet Printable
  • Recording Surface: Purple
  • Conform to DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB)
  • Utilizes superb premium organic dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality



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