100 Double PVC Sleeves White

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Product code PVC Sleeves White
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Weight 0.65 kg



Product Description

CD Double Sided PVC Sleeves comes in 4 bright colours. Green, Blue, Yellow White and Black. Sturdy cost
effective storage solution.

Suggested use: distribution, storage.

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  • Scott Nolan

    Scott Nolan October 22, 2007

    Each time I’ve ordered these I’ve received a different type. Sometimes what they’ve sent was very good, as you’d like, and other times not – they’ll send ones where you need to remove part of the plastic yourself and/or that are slippery. The worst they sent required you to remove part of the plastic yourself but doing so was not possible on 3/4 of them, they would only tear, making the sleeves unusable. They may as well have just sent out a big clump of melted plastic for that one.