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CD/DVD Duplication
Mitsubishi BY-M2 1800mAh Camcorder Battery

Battery Specifications:
Chemistry NiCd
Voltage 6V
Capacity 1800mAh
Diameter/Width 46mm
Height 45mm


This Battery can be cross referenced to the following Battery Part Numbers:
1CVA157C, 1CVA158C, 9637-1, 9637-20, A8-100, A8-200, AC450, AC455, BA610, BA611, BA880, BB060, BB120, BN-BP31, BN-V11U, BN-V12U, BN-V14U, BN-V20U, BN-V22U, BN-V24U, BN-V25U, BN-V400U, BN-V50U, BN-V60U, BP0503, BP15, BP-150, BP-1501, BP-1502, BP-1503, BP-1550, BP-17, BP-170, BP500, BP81, BP8-1, BP82, BP8-2, BPN300, BPN350, BT-70, BT-77, BT-80, BY-M1, BY-M2, DV9011, DV9022, DV9033, DV9066, DV9066P, DV9077, FZ-114G4, FZ-115G4, GS-E2, HHR-V20, HHR-V40A, NP33, NP66, NP66H, NP68, NP77, NP77H, NP78, NP98, NPS88A, P-V215A, SBC-5216, SBC-5217, SBC-5219, V111, V208, V213, V217, V67, V80115BK01, V80116BK01, V92, VBP-400E, VBP-401E, VBP-600E, VD101, VD102, VD103, VD104, VD151, VD152, VD153, VP101, VP102, VP103, VP151, VP152, VP153, VS101, VS102, VS103, VS104, VS151, VS152, VS153, VT101, VT102, VW-VBH1, VW-VBH2, VW-VBR1, VW-VBR2, VW-VBS1E, VW-VBS2, VZ-824, VZ-825


This Battery is suitable for the following device models:
151, 152, 16-852, 16-853, 188, AX-120, AX-240, AX-77, AX-85, AX-90, CC-1000, CC-600, CC-604, CC-612, CC-614, CCD-20061, CCD-50E, CCD-F150, CCD-F201, CCD-F30, CCD-F33, CCD-F34, CCD-F35, CCD-F36, CCD-F38, CCD-F40, CCD-F45, CCD-F46, CCD-F50, CCD-F55, CCD-F56, CCD-F70, CCD-F77, CCD-M7, CCD-M7U, CCD-SC6E, CCD-SC8E, CCD-SP5, CCD-SP5Y, CCD-SP7, CCD-SP9, CCD-TR101, CCD-TR105, CCD-TR105E, CCD-TR150, CCD-TR205, CCD-TR21, CCD-TR23, CCD-TR30, CCD-TR3000E, CCD-TR31, CCD-TR33, CCD-TR36, CCD-TR380E, CCD-TR385E, CCD-TR4, CCD-TR40, CCD-TR400, CCD-TR44, CCD-TR45E, CCD-TR5, CCD-TR50, CCD-TR505K, CCD-TR50E, CCD-TR51, CCD-TR55, CCD-TR6, CCD-TR600, CCD-TR61, CCD-TR614, CCD-TR64, CCD-TR65, CCD-TR66, CCD-TRV11, CCD-TRV12, CCD-TRV19, CCD-TRV21, CCD-TRV22, CCD-TRV29, CCD-TRV30, CCD-TRV33, CCD-TRV40, CCD-TRV53, CG-400, CG-812, CG-814, CG-819, CG-820, CMA1, F120SW, F122SW, F60, F610, F615, F620, F810, FF60, FF66, FH80, FP-150, FP-1501, FP-1502, FP-1550, FP-170, FV-600, FV-900, FVC-10, FVC-1000, FVC-2000, FVC-30, FVC-4000, FVC-600, FVC-70, FVC-701S, FVC-720, FVC-730, FVC-750, FVC-770, FVC-800, FVC-860, FVC-880, FVC-900, FVC-901, FVC-950, FVC-990, FVC-P2000, FVC-P701, FVC-P730, FVC-P750, FVC-P770, FVC-P880, FVC-P901, FVC-P950, FVC-P990, FVC-S2, FVP-80320, G806-7, G806-7-T, G901-T, GR-1UGR-AX2, GR-25U, GR-2U, GR-303, GR-303EG, GR-303U, GR-35U, GR-40, GR-400, GR-40U, GR-45, GR-450, GR-55, GR-5505, GR-60U, GR-65EG, GR-707U, GR-A30, GR-AS-X760U, GR-AW1, GR-AX10, GR-AX1010U, GR-AX10U, GR-AX17, GR-AX17U, GR-AX200, GR-AX200U, GR-AX210, GR-AX210U, GR-AX25, GR-AX250, GR-AX2U, GR-AX30, GR-AX310, GR-AX33, GR-AX33U, GR-AX35, GR-AX350U, GR-AX37, GR-AX37U, GR-AX40, GR-AX400, GR-AX40E, GR-AX410, GR-AX420U, GR-AX5, GR-AX500, GR-AX50U, GR-AX510U, GR-AX55, GR-AX55U, GR-AX5EG, GR-AX5U, GR-AX70, GR-AX700U, GR-AX70U, GR-AX710U, GR-AX720, GR-AX74U, GR-AX7EG, GR-AX7U, GR-AX800, GR-AX808U, GR-AX820US, GR-AX900U, GR-AX90U, GR-AX910, GR-AX910U, GR-AX920, GR-AX94, GR-AX9U, GR-AXM230U, GR-AXM407, GR-C11, GR-C1U, GR-C25, GR-C250, GR-C55, GR-C7, GR-C7U, GR-C9, GR-S35, GR-S505EG, GR-S505U, GR-S55, GR-S707, GR-S707EG, GR-S70EG, GR-S70U, GR-S75, GR-S77U, GR-S99, GR-S99EG, GR-SV3GR-S27, GR-SXM330U, GR-SXM48, GR-SXM730U, GR-SXM930U, GR-SZ1, GR-SZ9U, GS-E2, GV-600, GV-9, GV-9E, GV-U5, H128SW, H80, KD-1700U, KD-5010U, KD-5050, KD-530, KD-5820, KD-H130/U, KD-H150, KD-H170, KD-M710, KD-M730, KD-M750, KD-M770, KD-S530, KD-S550, KD-S5530, KD-S5550, KD-ST90, KX-1, KX-70/E, KX-77/CV, KX-77U, KX-90/E, KX-H1/U, KX-H3, KX-VI, M600-AF, M680, M690, M830HR, M890, MH360P, MVC-2000, MVC-5000, NBG160, NC120P, NC240P, NH180P, NV-G101A, NV-G2, NV-S1, NV-S100, NV-S2, NV-S6, NV-S7, NV-S8, P40U, P650, P660, P850, PRO807, PRO808, PRO809, PRO830, PRO840, PRO843, PRO845, PV-10, PV-10B, PV-10PX, PV-14, PV-17, PV-18, PV-19, PV-20, PV-21, PV-22, PV-31, PV-32, PV-332, PV-333, PV-362, PV-40, PV-41, PV-42, PV-43, PV-50, PV-53, PV-5372, PV-559, PV-5630, PV-A206, PV-A207, PV-A286, PV-A306, PV-A307, PVC-480E, PVC-8000E, PVC-840E, PVC-860E, PV-D1000, PV-D326, PV-D406, PV-D407, PV-D506, PV-D507, PV-D607, PV-D705, PVE-M100A, PVE-M100E, PV-IQ203, PV-IQ205, PV-IQ244D, PV-IQ303, PV-IQ305, PV-IQ306, PV-IQ325, PV-IQ403, PV-IQ404, PV-IQ404A, PV-IQ405, PV-IQ503, PV-IQ504, PV-IQ505, PV-IQ525, PV-L557, PV-L606, PV-L657, PV-L757, PV-L857, PV-S332, PV-S372, PV-S43, PV-S53, PV-S62, PV-S63, PV-S630, PV-S64, PV-S72, PV-S770A, R-105, R-108H, R-15, R-16, R-17C, R-18H, R-200, R-260, R-600S, R-610, R-612, R-615, R-620, R-630, R-66, R-67, R-680, R-800H, R-808H, R-810, R-830, R-831, R-850, R-86, R-860, R-861, R-86S, R-88, R-880, R-88H, SC-A20, SC-A23, SC-A25, SC-A30, SC-A300, SC-A33, SC-A35, SC-A80, SC-A85, SC-H985, SC-H996, SCK-60, SCK-70, SCK-75, SCK-80, SCK-85, SC-L100, SC-L150, SC-L300, SC-L330, SC-L350, SC-L800, SC-L850, SC-X800, SC-X804, SC-X854, SC-X904, SC-X915, SC-X953, SC-X954, SLC-90, SVE-27N, SV-H30, SV-H33, SV-X803, TF-200, TWINCAM, VC-52E, VCE-27N, VCE-805P, VC-H815, VCH-815, VDM6, VEM-H100, VEM-S1, VEM-S2, VL-E100U, VL-E30C, VL-E32U, VL-E35U, VL-E36C, VL-E36U, VL-E400U, VL-E40C, VL-E40U, VL-E42U, VL-E7E, VL-E8E, VL-H400C, VL-H400U, VL-HL-1, VL-HL100U, VL-HL-100U, VL-HL-3, VL-HX-10U, VL-L390, VL-L40, VL-M6C(GY, VL-M6GY, VL-M6U(GY, VL-M6U(SL, VL-MX6U, VL-MX70, VL-MX7C(GY, VL-MX7C(SL, VL-MX7U, VL-MX7U(GY, VL-MX7U(SL, VL-MX8U, VL-N1C, VL-N1H, VL-N1S, VL-N1U, VL-N1X, VM-66, VM-D1, VM-D3, VM-D44, VM-D5P, VM-D66/P, VM-D6P, VM-D8P, VM-ES77, VM-ES88, VM-ES88P, VM-ES99, VM-H100P, VM-P5P, VM-PS12, VM-RZ1A, VN-200, VN-300, VN-310, VN-330, VN-340, VN-350, VN-360, VN-400, VN-500, VN-5000, VN-550, VN-700, VN-720, VN-750, VN-760, VN-77, VN-820, VN-8200, VN-830, VN-8300, VN-840, VN-850, VN-860, VN-870, VN-900, VN-9000, VN-910, VN-9100, VN-950, VN-9500, VN-960, VN-9600, VP-A30, VP-A31, VP-A33, VP-A34, VP-A800, VP-A850, VP-L300, VP-L330, VP-L350, VP-L980, VX-43, VX-54, VX-806, VX-81, VX-82, VX-82E, VX-860E, VX-C500, XF-60Y, XF-615, XFF-60, XFF-66, XFH-80, XH-80, XM-690, XP-40U, XP-660


This product was last updated on Friday 02 June, 2006.
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